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How to Make Better Use of Your Sage 50 Accounting System with ConnectBooks Mobile Apps

The ConnectBooks Mobile Apps For Sage 50 Accounting Software Enables Owners to Improve Cash Flow Management as You Improve Productivity & Profits


Chantilly, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- The ConnectBooks mobile apps for Sage 50-US Edition and Sage 50-Canadian Edition enable small business owners to review potential income and expense items in their Sage 50 databases with their smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Sales and field technicians can also create/update invoices, estimates, and other customer transactions using Apple and Android mobile devices and send them to clients and prospects from the field.

If you have salesmen/estimators doing estimates at prospect locations or you have field staff that performs services at the customer’s site, you have a great opportunity to increase productivity and improve your cash flow. Let me explain.

Sales Staff & Estimators:
What would be the impact of your representative do the estimate at the prospect’s site and delivering it without the delay of coming back to the office. The prospect would be impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by your company. Your staff can do this because ConnectBooks enables users to create estimates from scratch, create a PDF from the invoice, and email to the prospect while still on site. There are two other valuable features:

1) Payment History: ConnectBooks enables users to review any history of the prospect. Theirtrack record regarding payment may have an impact of a higher or lower estimate.
2) Inventory: The availability of required materials also has an impact on estimates. An overstocked condition may indicate consideration of lowering the cost to reduce inventory. The price of each item, quantity on hand, and vendor are also important aspects of an estimate. You also have the means to contact the vendor if ordering is necessary.

Field Staff:
Field staff consists of those employees who work for you remotely (often at the customer’s site). Many service companies have such field staff such as HVAC, landscape, snow removal (especially this winter), carpenters, plumbers, home repair, installers, appliance repair, flooring, beverage delivery, and many more. You get the picture. Check out the attached video to see how it works.

Let’s illustrate the potential impact of ConnectBooks using beverage delivery. We have a company called ABC Beverages that delivers soda and beer to its customers. The customers vary in their need in that some have a standard delivery order that rarely varies, while others require custom orders when the deliveryman shows up. In either case, when the order has been fulfilled, your employee can:
1) Create an invoice using their smart phone, iPad, or tablet (Apple or Android) that is stored in your Sage 50 database,
2) Instruct ConnectBooks to make a PDF out of the invoice, and
3) Email it to the customer while still on site.

That not only empowers your employee to become more productive, it also delivers the invoice to the client immediately. No more jotting down the delivered items and amounts. It is automatically stored in your accounting system. Better yet, giving the invoice sooner to the client improves your chances of getting paid sooner, thus stabilizing cash flow.

What’s the Cost?
One User & one Company is only $12.99 per month. Packages offer multiple Users & multiple Companies at very affordable monthly costs. Additional Users are only $6.00 per month. You can also save $3.00/month if you subscribe through a US Reseller or Canadian Reseller. Oh, the first month is free and you can cancel any time.

About ConnectBooks
ConnectBooks (and Sage 50 accounting) is a technology advancement whose time has come for the small business owner!