How to Make Exquisite Wine Barrel Tables


Westlake Village, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- The best way to incorporate charm and appeal to the living room is to add rustic furniture that loudly screams exquisite. Like wine barrel tables and chairs purely made from reclaimed oak wine barrels. Uniquely made wine barrel furniture can easily make anyone go from ho-hum to stunning. That is what Zin Chair is all about; crafting attractive furniture from reclaimed oak wine barrels that will bring out the wow aspect in both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Step-By-Step Making of Attractive Wine Barrel Tables

First Step: Clean thoroughly both the inside and outside of the barrels with warm soapy water to ensure complete removal of dirt. Then leave the barrels to completely dry in the sun. The drying of the barrels makes the removal of rivets and staves easier. Use a rivet tool to remove all the rivets which firmly secure the staves together. Set aside the rivets after gently sliding off the staves from the barrels.

Second Step: To create beautiful wine barrel tables the Zin Chair way, marking and cutting the entire half of the barrels is imperative. However, the barrels must be first measured 5 inches horizontally, and around their entire circumference before marking the center spot and cutting half way through each of them horizontally. Sawing both the barrels horizontally is essential in order to get them into the perfect shape for making exquisite wine barrel tables.

Third Step: Each half of the barrels is now open after sawing horizontally through them. Using the fine grained sandpaper, sand the outside of both the barrels; but that is after sandpapering with a medium grit sandpaper first. The sandpapering is done to give the wine barrel tables a smooth appealing texture. Ensure the barrels are completely free of dust after sandpapering by cleaning off the dust particles with a damp sponge.

Final Steps to Making Wine Barrel Tables

Fourth Step: Using a paint brush, stain the outside of the barrels with a light oak-colored stain or whichever unique color fancies customers. To give the wood a glossy look, apply a clear coat of varnish over the already applied stain with a different brush. Then allow the barrels to neatly dry. The glossy look on all Zin Chair furniture is what makes them unique and rustic.

Fifth Step: Using coarse sandpaper, sand the metal staves all the way down to the bottom. Secure the staves with new rivets after painting and placing them back on the barrels. Then lastly purchase a sizeable thick piece already prepared slab of oak wood that will be placed on top of the barrels. Ensure the slab is centered before hammering the nails in, and voila! Perfect wine barrel tables are complete.


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