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How to Make Him Desire You: Review Reveals Alex Carter's "Impulsive Desire Formula"


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Make Him Desire You is described as a compilation of controversial techniques that women can apply to access the impulsive part of the male mind and trigger feelings of strong desire. It encourages females to be more proactive in their relationships and enables them to understand the male psyche better.

Developed by relationship expert Alex Carter, who is also characterized as a professional pick up artist, it shares highly sensitive, little known information that promise to bring quick, accurate results to women and put an end to their self-esteem issues.

Make Him Desire You claims to bare the key when you want a guy to develop intense feelings towards a girl. This simple formula, dubbed Impulsive Desire method, elicits a level of desire towards a female that is almost obsessive or addictive.


It is said to work in any situation - for single girls looking for the right guy, married women aiming to reignite the desire in their husbands, or females caught in complicated relationships. Regardless of how one looks or how difficult the break up was, females can take control and turn the tables on men who didn't pay attention to them or pushed them away.

How does it evoke desire even to the coldest of hearts?

Carter illustrates the effect this method brings to males by pointing out the reason behind a person's addiction to gambling. People are aware that they can lose yet they cannot stop and they forget all logic. They are determined to pursue their goal or the direction they have set for themselves. The pleasure hormones trigger these emotions and lead them to become very impulsive.

Make Him Desire You reveals ways to cause these pleasure hormones to flow out and increase the male desire to addictive levels. It shows how females can tap these pleasurable feelings that lead his man to gravitate towards her and become the special girl who understands him. The method teaches women how to be in a position wherein they evoke a sudden and strong surge of pleasurable feelings in their target.

It is supposed that when a girl achieves this, she will be the most valuable factor in the man's life.

This method claims to get a response even from guys who don't want to commit or dumped a girl for another woman. Capture him on the first date, bring out the passion in him, and get him hooked by using the techniques.

What can effectively stimulate these pleasurable feelings?
To trigger the male desire to impulsive levels, Make Him Desire You offers a few techniques women will discover in the ebook. Learn how to make him fall in love by entering his primal brain, create an unforgettable first impression that would pique his curiosity, and mesmerize him with one's presence by giving what a man craves most.

Likewise, it teaches females how to bypass the male logical brain to go directly to the emotional brain, develop chemistry that unconsciously bond couples together by talking to him just once, and cheat proof the relationship to induce loyalty that he'll resent even the idea of cheating.

The method also shows the Vacuum Technique to bring out the raw attraction within any man, Positioning Technique to become the most important person in his life, and Anchor Technique to develop feelings of euphoria when one is around.

The Indirect-Direct Technique can make a man feel it was his idea to please his girl, the Furious Magnet Technique can attract the ex-boyfriend and win him back, while the Emotional Intensifier Technique can change a cold, uninterested man into a desperate lover.

Through the Intrigue Arousal Method, one can read and become the most fascinating girl that men fantasize about. The Mouse and Cheese Method shows how male interest can strengthen through time and warns against playing hard to get.


Know how to effortlessly make a conversation that comes with a hypnotic effect on males using the 3T Formula, and comfort men the right way that will get them to open up completely in just seconds by following the Bubble of Safety.

Make Him Desire You can be instantly downloaded for $47. The ebook is in PDF format and comes free with an audio file plus a copy of 'The secrets of male desire no man will ever share with you' which bares what males crave from females and how to take advantage of this, Advanced Fascination Report that shows how to trigger positive discomfort in the male mind to improve success with men, and Role Reversal Report which reveals psychological techniques to change the situation so that women have the odds.

About Make Him Desire You -
Make Him Desire You contains essential information for women who look to become more desirable, even irresistible in the eyes of men.