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How to Make Sure Your Email Marketing Doesn't Suck

Michael Clarke, author of "Social Media Marketing Made Stupidy Easy," offers strategies for how businesses can use email marketing the right way.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Email marketing is like broccoli, according to Michael Clarke, author of "Social Media Marketing Made Stupidly Easy." Everyone knows it's good for them - and their business - nobody gets really excited about it.

And, Clarke believes, that's a huge mistake.

"I know most small business owners get all excited about the latest, shiny social media tool, hoping it'll save their marketing efforst," says Clarke. "But in the end, email is still the most reliable, effective and profitable way to sell your stuff and get your message out there."

So long as business owners use email marketing the right way. "I see more mistakes with email marketing than any other form of marketing." And that's why Clarke created a dedicated Pinterest board called "Email Marketing Tips That Don't Suck."

"I just wanted to make sure companies and business owners knew that with a few simple tweaks,such as making subject lines lowercase or to stop selling in emails, that they can make a huge impact to their bottom line," says Clarke.

"And when you affect the bottom line, you'll have plenty of time for all those exciting social media tools that are more exciting than broccoli."

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