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“How to Market Yourself” Expert Reveals #1 Reason Why Only 15% of New Businesses Succeed


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2011 -- The typical, average business owner, who is among the 85% of those who have failed with their businesses in the first 12 months of opening, invests all his blood sweat and tears into starting a business and in some cases his or her life savings yet he fails to do the #1 thing required in order to be successful.

He does not know how to market his product or service. He has a great product and excellent service, but is not getting enough customers who are willing to pay his price. Here's how the top 15% of successful business owners break though. “They are putting themselves at the forefront of their businesses and are in touch with their customers on-line. You’ve got to learn how to market yourself before you can begin marketing any product or service”, says Author and Social Media Marketing Expert, Andrew Skelly. He continues; “In 2011, social media and mobile marketing are essential tools. Using social media, successful business people have established themselves as experts, and have learned how to market themselves within their niche. The top 15 % know what it takes to win the #1 ranked spot on Google SEO and to maintain that position.”

According to Mr. Skelly’s website, “Marketing Yourself is Key”. There is a simple 2 step formula to achieve success in business. One of the methods mentioned is to become an expert by writing a book (or have it ghost written) in their industry, or area of expertise. Then self-publish to get the book on internet book shelves. Then, they applied their learning on how to market a business. The top 15% of businesses use social media tools to gain the #1 Google ranking position. That’s the simple 2 step formula. Step 1 - Winners write and publish a book to establish themselves as an expert. Step 2 - they use the social media tools of the 21st century, to market their reputation and their excellent product and customer service. So, to answer the original question of why only 15% of businesses succeed – the answer is the other 85% have not learned nor applied the 2 step formula for success. The winners have learned how to market their business and are successfully doing it. What ties everything together is “value” states skelly. “When it comes to building a social network on twitter, facebook and now google+, focus on sharing valuable information rather than selling yourself and you will naturally attract a ton of new customers to you.”

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