How to Obtain Government Grants to Pay off Debt Faster

People get into debt. That’s a simple statement of truth. Some folks are better at making the regular payments to their creditors than others are. When the situation arises that the amount of debt one is carrying is seemingly beyond one’s ability to repay, government grants to pay off debt are a viable choice to look into. The following will offer some insight about how to apply for these grants and what eligibility requirements are for them.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- A grant is free money from the government or another source. The Obama administration offers many different types of free government grants to pay off debt. Being awarded one or more of these grants can prevent having to file for bankruptcy, help to get rid of debt, and encourage one to avoid getting into debt again by taking out loans. There are grants for women, single parents, elderly folks, unemployed people, and all manner of others, so take some time to do some research into what kind of grant will best suit the situation one is in. Be aware of what category of grant is necessary for the situation; don’t apply for grants that are specifically designed to help start a business if bill paying is what one is in need of.

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Prior to beginning the search for government grants to pay off debt, gather up some information to present when applying. A Social Security number, driver’s license, last year’s tax returns, and documentation of assets are all necessary to apply for a grant. Also, before going too much further, understand that there is no such grant as a “pay off debt” grant. One must look at the expenditures one has made and ask for help paying for them, not the credit card bill they’re on. Most grant programs are state or county run, so go to specific websites attached to one’s geographic area to get information on what types of assistance are available. Families that have a low income may be able to qualify for different grants than those with a higher income amount, but many of the state and county- supported grants will be able to help those in need.

Some types of free government grants to pay off debt include those to help with higher education expenses, hospital and other medical treatment bills, uniform costs for those changing jobs or for disabled persons who need a new wardrobe to obtain work, and assistance for families who have day care expenses they cannot meet.

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