How to Pay off Credit Card Debt Fast and Live Debt-Free

To learn how to pay credit card debt off, one must take a good look at one’s monetary habits. Is there history of fiscal irresponsibility? Has one always been careful with money and using credit?


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- If a person falls into the former category, which the majority do, then it’s time to get some discipline. Start by crafting a weekly budget. It works best to go week to week, as trying to figure out an entire month’s worth of financial dealings can be somewhat overwhelming. Be sure to include a bit extra to put toward debt repayment. Once the budget has been tabulated, stick to it! When beginning to pay off some credit card debt, make a little bit more than the minimum monthly payment. Even 10% more each month can eliminate debt quickly, and it isn’t a hardship. Cut back on frivolous spending, such as going out to dinner once a week, and put the money saved from doing so into a cup. At the beginning of the next month, put all of it on the debt and watch it disappear.

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More suggestions about how to pay off credit card debt include asking friends or family members if they can ghelp out with a little cash. Generally, if they’re in the financial position to do so, they will - without charging interest. Cashing out one’s savings can go a long way toward eradicating debt. Most people cringe at the very idea of not having something put away “for a rainy day,” but that money will do far more good by paying off some debt than by sitting in an account making 2% or 3% interest. It also isn’t necessary to use one’s entire savings; just a portion will help, and one can always rebuild the account once one is debt free. Pick up a 15-20-hour-a-week job and apply its entire paycheck to getting rid of credit card debt. It will be astonishing how quickly that debt vanishes. One last idea to eliminate credit card debt is to borrow against one’s IRA at work. This wipes debt out in no time!

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