How to Pay off Debt Faster : East Ways to Eliminate Debt

People from all walks of life are dragging their debt around like too-heavy luggage. It weighs them down and causes them stress. The following information will address this issue and will offer some great how to pay off debts.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- Out of ten people in America, nine of them are in debt to such a degree that they cannot see a way to get out of it. This causes distress among them and adversely affects their everyday lives. Most of these people want to quickly eradicate their debt but aren’t sure how to go about it. Here are some suggestions about how to pay off debt quickly.

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First, contact creditors and work out a repayment plan that is mutually acceptable. Creditors like to get paid back, so it is quite likely they will lower the monthly payment due or decrease the interest rate on the debt. If one has a life insurance policy with a cash value, borrowing against it is a great way to get rid of debt fast. Simply put the money from the loan directly toward the debt and pay it off at one time. Another way to lower or pay off debt quickly is to take an advance from an IRA at work. Take just enough to eliminate the debt; after all, it’s better to have one single payment a month (to repay the advance) than to have several that are due at the same time.

Some other ideas about how to pay off debt faster are to cut back on recreational outings like dining in restaurants or going to the movies. Put all the money not spent on frivolities into a jar. Once a month, apply it to what is owed. One could also look into using the equity in one’s home to pay off debt all at once. Setting automatic debt-repayment reminders will help, too.

If the majority of one’s debt is due to overuse of Visa or MasterCard, there are many thoughts about how to pay credit card debt comfortably. Try asking a family member or good friend to loan the amount necessary to do away with all of one’s credit card debt, as it will be easier to repay that person than it might be to pay back individual creditors. If possible, pick up a part-time job and put all the income from it directly toward the debt. Whenever feasible, pay more than the minimum due, as the extra will go toward the principal of the debt, lowering it rapidly.

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