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How to Photograph Waterfalls

Capturing Stunning Waterfalls and Streams with High End Digital Camera


Wilsonville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Waterfalls are some of the most precious and amazing scenic beauties that Mother Nature offers. Anyone who is on a holiday and sees a waterfall the first thing they do is capture that beauty in their cameras. But not all are experts in clicking stunning pictures of waterfalls. Imagination, timing, eye for movement and above all photography skills are necessary to capture an absolutely perfect image. Waterfalls are probably some of the most difficult things to capture.

Getting the right kind of exposure is always a challenge while capturing waterfalls. One of the most common mistakes that happen is that the water highlights are easy captured. The problem here is that the image will just have a big white area without any details of the water highlights which can make it look like an artificial image. This may be a problem of exposure and when it is decreased - most digital cameras offer an excellent natural looking waterfall. Beginners or hobby photographers should understand one thing here that not all waterfalls are the same. The volume of water, the speed at which the water is falling, the height of the fall, etc. can highly influence the picture.

While there are a lot of technical things to consider such as shutter speed, using neutral density filers, using the right lens, exposure, etc. the most common things should not be ignored. One should visit the waterfall at the right time. Some people like to capture waterfalls during monsoons because of the special effects such as rain, thick and dense greenery around and the not so very bright lighting. But an ideal time to click is during late spring or may be even early summer. During this period the source of waterfall is neither too strong nor too weak. There will be a waterfall with continuous water source.

How to photograph waterfalls in different lighting conditions? Waterfalls are usually located amidst thick jungles and the background with rocks and trees many not provide bright lighting. But again that is the beauty of an ideal waterfall and this is where photographers have to put their skills at test. The worst time to capture waterfalls is when a part of the waterfall is in bright sunlight and the other half in the shade. Cameras usually wouldn’t be able to manage that type of contrast.

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