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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Potty training a child is not recommended until the age of 3 but most toddlers show early signs of seeking independence. But, as parents worldwide don’t have access to the right kind of information in this matter, even the smallest of smallest issues become big hurdles. Potty training helpline is here to help solve these issues and also give parents guidelines on how to potty train a boy and a girl. As both genders have different challengers in learning how to use the potty on their own, it is important to stress on these differences.

This is also the online source for the latest in potty training tips and techniques. A guide that has helped millions of parents worldwide and has also received its due mention on the website is ‘Start Potty Training’. This is a guide on how to potty train a child in 3 days. The guide talks about a unique process which is based on 6 building blocks that are essential for training. These 6 building blocks take parents through every step of the process with timely support and advice.

They focus on how to get both the parents and the child ready for the big step.

It is a known fact that potty training is more often than not a topic for great discussion. Most parents get sucked into the hype and don’t really get a chance to chalk out a plan. And, it is this lack of plan that makes the task of learning how to potty train extra stressful and frustrating. Following the building blocks mentioned in the guide, the milestones can be achieved without any hassle or worry.

About Potty training helpline
Potty training helpline brings forward those potty training techniques which have worked and been accepted by the experts. These techniques are far from the run of the mill techniques usually found online. These deal in myths, tough questions and areas that have not been explored before giving parents the benefit of practical information. The Start Potty training guide is one of the many useful guides on this website.

It is a golden opportunity for parents to subscribe to the website and get access to information that can help tackle the potty training evil in an informed and relaxed manner. To watch the free potty training video and read about the latest 3 day potty training guide, log onto http://www.startpottytraining.com/

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