How to Prevent Identity Theft in a Business, Preventing Business Identity Theft

There exists a common misunderstanding of truth among small business owners: They are under the impression that their businesses are simply too small to attract the interest of an identity thief. They’re as wrong as wrong can be. The following is intended to offer insight into how and why small businesses become identity theft victims and about how to prevent identity theft in a business.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Roughly 45% of small business owners feel that their business is not valuable enough to grab an identity thief’s attention, but they, more than their larger counterparts, should look into business identity theft protection. Because the business owner of ten has access to a great deal of credit and high credit limits, he is a prime foil for identity thieves. Some businesses do not have such high limits, but are still attractive to thieves because of things as inconsequential as the name and address of the company or their computer networks.

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One of the ways in which a business identity thief wreaks havoc is by printing up fraudulent checks with the business’s name and address on them. The forger then uses the checks to purchase any number of items for his own use. Despite the fact that the business’s correct account number is not on the checks, as more of them are passed around, the business can be blacklisted from check verification companies. This cause innumerable difficulties for the business, as it often pays its invoices by check. It does not matter to the check verification companies that the account number on the check is not the correct one for the business involved; the business owner is still held responsible for the total amount of the checks, which can go into the thousands or more.

Discerning how to prevent identity theft in a business isn’t terribly difficult. Depending on how lucrative a business is, there are several tips to help in this endeavor. Common sense plays a big part here. For instance, make sure to install an external security system and arm it at the end of each business day. Put some cameras in visible places as a deterrent to thieves; hide some others. Store all of the business’s computer network information in a safe, secure place. Take all customers’ credit card data to a safe deposit box each day at close of business. If building one’s business from the ground up, putting the physical store/office in a clear area with little or no landscaping close by makes it difficult for anyone to sneak up to it.

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