How to Prevent Identity Theft Online - Get Online ID Theft Protection

BUYER BEWARES! Stop spending so much money on the internet! How often do people out there use the internet for their shopping these days? The majority of people who read this information are reading it online. Those that will hear about it will have heard it from someone who read it online. Society now, whether we like it or not, is intimately tied to the internet, but that doesn’t mean our wallets have to be


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Sadly with the growth of technology over the past ten years, online identity fraud is one of the biggest growing problems in the world. The tech savvy criminal is typically one step ahead of law enforcement and usually knows how to cover their tracks. The more people use the internet and computers connected to the internet, the greater the risk that they will become a victim to identity fraud from online activity.

- Never give private information online such as social security numbers and bank accounts if the website is not secure.
- Check personal online bank accounts regularly.
- Change personal online passwords every month.
- Never open spam messages. Phishing is a devastating crime tactic.
- Run a virus scan every week on your computers.

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Avoiding the Cyber Crime
The fact is that it is simply hard not to use the internet. Business accounts, bank accounts, credit accounts; these all have lines to our money. Money is a hot commodity in this world and access to it is what most professional criminals want. The professional criminal hack who knows his way around a computer has many tricks to access your private information. But what about all the viruses and malware downloaded from the internet? Where did that come from? Well it came from the dark side of the computer community, and these people can create software that watches online activity and can sometimes even decipher encrypted code to get passwords, and any account numbers entered to make purchases with credit and debit cards.

Beware of Online Activities
Online purchases and transactions can be risky. Make sure the websites being used are secure. Never give information if the source isn't trusted. Suspicious emails should be avoided altogether.

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