How to Prevent Teenage Drinking and Driving

Although the number of teens involved in drinking and driving accidents has decreased, this group of youngsters is still imbibing alcohol frequently. It generally falls to parents to prevent teenage drinking.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- has some suggestions about how others can help parents stop this behavior, including:

- School Officials
- Older Siblings
- Other Teens

Students against Destructive Decisions

Depending on how frequently a teen drinks alcohol, SADD, the anagram for Students against Destructive Decisions, may be able to help. This organization formed over 20 years ago to teach students of all ages how to prevent teenage drinking. There are chapters of SADD all across the country, and boys and girls from all walks of life are encouraged to join. The younger a child is when he joins, the better the odds are that he will not drink alcohol later.

Teachers, Administrators, other School Employees

It’s not the sole responsibility of the parents to prevent teenage drinking. School officials must get involved, too. They can organize forums about not drinking. They can show teens the results of drinking too much, such as injury or becoming uncontrollably angry and harming someone else. They simply must make teenagers see that there are other options besides drinking alcohol. Hold a sock hop in the gym like the ones held back in the ‘50s or organize a day trip to an amusement park. Keeping teens occupied keeps them out of trouble.

Brothers and Sisters

Older siblings are generally looked up to by younger ones. Sometimes an answer to how to prevent teenage drinking is to lead by example. When an older brother gets drunk and his younger sister sees it, she’ll think drinking is cool and follow his lead. The same can be sad of the opposite situation. If an older sister makes an active choice not to drink alcohol, her younger sister will opt not to, either.Elder siblings need to pass on the message of self-reliance so younger siblings don’t feel the need to drink.

Peer Interaction

The people teens learn from most are other teens. The best way to prevent teenage drinking is for non-drinking teens to encourage others to stay sober. Including friends in fun activities like ice skating or karaoke singing keeps teenagers occupied and less apt to imbibe alcohol. Hanging out with like-minded peer’s helps teens stay on the straight and narrow and set the example for others to do the same.

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