How to Protect Identity Theft and the Associated Criminal Charges

There's a thief out there lurking. They're waiting for the unsuspecting victim to make a mistake, and let their guard down. This isn't the type of criminal who waits behind a tree in a park somewhere late at night. This is a true professional who may have some serious background in the tech world. These are identity theft criminals, and their numbers and abilities are increasing faster than law enforcement can keep up.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- How can this potential victim protect themselves? The first steps they are going to have to take involve educating themselves on the trappings of identity theft and the basic things they can do to raise security in their life.

- Identity thieves want personal identification information. Sometimes this is to avoid the law; often it is to use someone else's money and credit to fund their operations under an assumed identity.
- Everyone should shred bank and credit information when disposing of it. Once it is in the trash it is actually considered public domain, and thieves will go through trash to find this information.
- Mail should always be opened and checked for any irregularities. Changing online passwords regularly and avoid phishing scams is strongly advised.

Scam's Gone Phishing

Phishing has been around for a while. It is as old as email. A scam artist sends a fake email posing as a bank or credit card company. They ask for account information to correct some "mistakes". Most know enough not to fall for this, however, phishing scam artists know this too. They know banks sometimes will trade personal information over the phone though never through email. Therefore the scam artists now ask for a friendly check up call. The victim calls the number thinking they are calling the bank. A person answers who sounds very professional and honest, and then suddenly the victim is conned into providing a social security number or checking account number over the phone. These people will pose as anyone, from a landlord, to a school administrator, just to get one or two numbers from their prey.

Identity theft is a serious crime that has no limit to its reach. However, there are many effective tools for preventing it from happening. One need only keep a keen watch on all of their accounts, credit cards, and social security cards to set up an initial defense. The next step is sticking to dedicated plan to limit access to your personal and secure information by others.

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