How to Protect Oneself from High Divorce Attorney Fees


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Divorce can be amicable or contentious, but it’s always emotionally taxing. Not only are there the broken hearts of the couple divorcing, there are also concerns about the well-being of the children of the union. To top this off, divorce can be costly, and lawyer fees for divorce representation can be steep. However,, the top-rated online dispensary of legal information, is here to help people find ways to cut the costs of divorce down, some of which include:

- Client-Lawyer Fee Agreement
- Check Out Divorce Clinics
- DIY Divorce Documents
- Get Background on Attorneys

Obtain a Concise Fee Contract
Divorce attorneys usually request a retainer up front, then work from it. When the retainer money is used up, the client is responsible to pay any other fees until the entire divorce process is complete. This can mean serious money, often more than an individual can afford. The only way to curtail this increased lawyer fees for divorce is to obtain an attorney-client fee agreement at the onset of the working relationship. This is a legally binding, written contract that cannot be broken, protecting one from exorbitant lawyer charges.

Free Divorce Clinics
Many law firms offer free divorce clinics for those who cannot afford the high costs of representation. These clinics provide information on how to draft the myriad documents that go along with a divorce proceeding, when to file them, and how to tally child support, if necessary. can point out ways to get the absolute most out of these clinics with a simple online visit, and is available 24/7, 365 to answer consumers’ questions.

Hand Drafted Divorce Papers
An effective way to avoid high lawyer fees for divorce is to take the information one obtains from a free clinic and draft the divorce documents oneself. If there aren’t any free divorce clinics in one’s area, the proper presentation of the documents can be located in the local library. Another source of this data is the county Legal Aid office. Services through such an office are generally free or very low cost, so it’s something worth looking into to save some cash.

Choosing the Right Attorney
Keeping divorce attorney fees as low as possible can also be accomplished by doing thorough background checks on several different lawyers. There are online attorney registries which contain a lawyer’s name, law school he attended, his standing while in school, and his marital status. Feedback from the local and state bar associations is also available through these record offices, so accessing them is a wise decision. has been helping folks obtain accurate legal information for 15 years, and would welcome the opportunity to assist anyone who requires their assistance.

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