How to Quickly and Easily Publish and Sell on Amazon Kindle


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Being an author means more than having your name in print. (And these days, "in print" means more than hard-copy - we are seeing an explosion in the number of ways you can get your message out via the net and a slew of devices like the iPad, Kindle, and more!)

Being an author means POWER - the power to establish yourself as the Go-To Expert in your marketplace... making you the one and only logical choice to turn to for products and services.

So bottom line, being an author means more dollars in your pocket. That's why I dedicate so much of my time to writing and the ongoing creation and publication of books that carry my moniker.

Hence the reason we are so excited about the latest webinar we are hosting and teach people How they can quickly and easily publish on Amazon Kindle.

Knowing how to take what you've written, get it to market, and then generate sales - either directly from the writing itself or from the backend opportunities that being a successful author provides - requires knowing what to do and taking action to make that happen.

Do you have a book already done or ready to be written that you'd like to see jumping off the shelves? Well you can.

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The key is an amazing new publishing platform created by called the Kindle... and it is RED hot right now as writers, marketers and publishers are FINALLY jumping on the projected $2+ BILLION dollar electronic publishing wave.

Even Simon and Shuster publishing is seeing a difference in digital book sales. Here is a quote from a recent new clip:

“Digital eBook sales at Simon & Schuster are seeing strong growth in the second financial quarter of 2012. They have risen by almost 44% and now account for 21% of the company’s total book sales”.

To add to that “In the first quarter of 2012, parents and kids alike have turned to ebooks with revenue jumping up 233% in the first quarter of 2012. According to the Association of American Publishers, the Under 18 category of ebooks earned over 64 million dollars.”

Join this webinar about how you can publish and sell on Amazon Kindle. Finally your written material can be published! The webinar is packed with a ton of great ideas you can take and act on NOW!

how to publish on Amazon Kindle

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