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How to Raise a Credit Score: Mark Clayborne's Book "Hidden Credit Repair Secrets," Available Now from Amazon


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- The bestselling book: “Hidden Credit Repair Secrets” has been re-released in Kindle format on to a very receptive audience. Critics are calling it a well-informed, awesome book. Many real testimonials of how the book has helped those in financial trouble make it easy to see that the book is of genuine benefit to those in need of credit repair.

Hidden Credit Repair Secrets is the signature project of Self-Credit Repair Learning company of Los Angeles. Its aim is to help consumers restore their credit and take their financial life back to one day get approved for their dream home or car.

More information can be found about the programs available at their site:

It only takes one missed payment to reduce your credit rating by 100. Even disputing a bill with a vendor can have negative consequences. As an author, Clayborne helps navigate the positives and negatives of your course of action and provides a clearly understood step-by-step game plan with templates for important letters to send your creditors.

About Mark Clayborne
Mark Clayborne is the best-selling author of the book Hidden Credit Repair Secrets, and the creator of Self-Credit Repair Dispute software. To learn more about Hidden Credit Repair Secrets and how it can help raise a credit score, go here:

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