How to Rebuild Bad Credit Score Fast - Make Your Way from Poor Credit to Good Credit

People from all walks of life are dealing with the results of having poor credit. While it’s relatively easy to obtain credit, it’s often not so simple to pay it off. The consequence of not paying off what one owes is developing bad credit. The following article will offer some ideas about how to rebuild credit as quickly and easily as possible.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Thoughts about how to rebuild your credit score revolve around one thing: the all-important credit report. Obtain a free copy of the credit report from any of the major reporting bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). Go over it closely, looking for any errors or unauthorized charges. If there are any, dispute them immediately. Send written disputes via certified or return mail to the reporting companies involved. It will take a bit of time, but wait for the credit reporting bureau’s findings; if they are in agreement with one’s findings, the negative marks will be removed from one’s credit report, improving one’s overall score.

Know How to Rebuild Bad Credit With Fast and Safe Process

Some other solutions to how to rebuild bad credit are to pay off all unsecured credit cards. These are cards one may have gotten before one’s credit took a negative hit, so paying them down or totally off will greatly enrich a poor credit standing. Obtain a secured credit card. This is a card for which one puts a certain amount of money in an account and the issuing company gives that person a line of credit equal to that amount. Use the secured card the same way an unsecured one works, paying the monthly amount in full and on time. Try to get an installment loan for a small amount; pay it monthly in full plus a little, and the damaged credit report will perk up.

If looking for answers to how to rebuild credit fast, here are some to consider. Lower the utilization on credit cards. “Utilization” means the ratio of one’s balance to one’s credit limit. The lower that ratio is, the better one’s credit standing becomes. See if a good friend who has excellent credit will add one’s name to one of his credit cards. The positive credit account history will appear on one’s credit report as well as on the other person’s, improving one’s score. Also, purchase an automobile from a dealer that specializes in selling to those who have bad credit. Theses dealers understand that financial mishaps occur and are willing to offer a chance to rebuild one’s credit.

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