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Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- It can provide ideas to help him figure out the best ways to repair his credit standing, such as:

- Secured Credit Cards
- Two Types of Credit
- Credit Report Dispute
- Grab Some Goodwill

Use a Secured Card

Rebuild bad credit with a secured credit card. This kind of card is easier for those with poor credit to get than unsecured cards because of the way a secured card works. An individual puts a certain amount of money into an account. The lender then issues him a credit card with a line of credit in that amount. The person then uses the charge card just as an unsecured one; he makes his monthly payments on time and in full, rebuilding his poor credit as he does so.

Revolving and Installment Credit

Financers like to see that a person can be responsible not just with revolving credit (charge cards), but also with installment credit (personal loans, student loans, etc). The more someone uses both types of credit, the sooner he gets an answer to how long it might take to rebuild his credit score. He should rely on a secured credit card for a while, then move on to an unsecured one, using it lightly and wisely. If he doesn’t already have an installment loan, he should take out a small personal loan and make regular payments on it. Doing both will improve his credit score.

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Dispute Items on Credit Reports

Mistakes are sometimes made on credit reports and a person has to argue to have them removed. This is a good method for how to rebuild bad credit fast. The big incorrect items to dispute include charge-offs, late payments, and collections or other negative items that don’t belong on his reports. Some other items to argue are lower credit limits than what one actually has or any accounts not labeled “paid as agreed” or “current.” Wait 60 days to receive a decision from the credit bureaus.

Gather Up Some Goodwill

It’s possible that a lender may erase a late payment as long as one has a good history with the institution. Having the late payment removed from one’s history is a feasible solution to how to rebuild a credit score. These “goodwill adjustments” don’t happen often and are a one-time thing, so if one has another mishap, it will show up on the credit reports.

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