How to Rebuild Credit - Repairing and Rebuilding Poor Credit Scores

Sometimes it happens that a person falls into financial difficulty, resulting in defaulting on the mortgage and getting behind on other monthly bills. As a result of this, his credit goes from being reasonably good to being unreasonably bad. The following information will provide some tips about how to rebuild bad credit so an individual can get a fresh financial start on life.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- Here is a story about a man. He’s just an average guy, working hard, carrying a mortgage and the usual other monthly bills like any other person. Suddenly, he is felled by a strange illness which keeps him hospitalized for weeks, and recuperating at home for several months. One of the side effects of this situation is that he has fallen terribly behind on his bills, which is adversely affecting his once-stellar credit score. He needs to know how to rebuild credit fast so he can get back on track now that he’s finally fully recovered and able to go back to work. Here are some ideas to help him out.

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Now that he’s feeling better, he should consider picking up a second or part-time job and using the income from that to knock down some of his debt. If he has equity in his house or a cash-value life insurance policy, he could borrow against either of them and put that money toward his debt. Doing so would eradicate his debt faster than anything else except taking an advance from his IRA at work and using it to pay off all of his debt at once.

Other ideas about how to rebuild credit are for him to obtain a copy of his credit report from any of the major reporting bureaus. Once he has it, he needs to look for any errors, unauthorized items, or inaccuracies. If he finds any, he must dispute them by writing a letter to the reporting company and sending it by certified or return mail. After the company has had time to review his claims, the negative marks can be removed from his credit report, which will improve his standing. He should also contact his creditors to work out reasonable repayment plans. He might want to look into a debt consolidation loan, which totals up everything he owes then gives him a loan of that much money so he can pay it all off. Whatever tactic he employs will point the way toward answering the problem of how to rebuild your credit score.

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