How to Reduce the Numbers of Teenage Drink Driving

The problem of teenage drinking and driving is a serious problem. There are thousands of accidents every year related to teenage drinking and driving. The problem is on the rise but with education we can help them understand the consequences they may face. can help parents understand what they need to do in order to protect their children from the consequences of this problem.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- The number of high school students who drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a vehicle is astronomical—in 2011 there were nearly one million. Even though the figure has decreased by fifty-four percent since 1991, it is still a serious problem.

An even greater problem is that eighty-five percent of teenage drink driving reports claim the teens admit to binge drinking. The definition of binge drinking is the consumption of five or more alcoholic drinks within only a couple of hours.

There are many fatal accidents involving teenagers, and of those fatalities twenty-percent had some alcohol in their blood with over eighty-one percent testing above the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration for adults.

Is there a solution to the problem of teenagers drinking and driving? Perhaps it would be better to ask what the solution might entail. However, the solution needs to involve everyone in the community including health care professionals and parents. This must begin first and foremost by increasing awareness among teens and their parents while also actively enforcing existing policies including the drinking age and zero tolerance laws.

Health care professionals are in a position to screen teens for the existence of risky behavior such as the following:

- Substance abuse
- Driving under the influence of any substance including drugs and alcohol
- Riding with anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
- Remind parents about the importance of leading by example; if the parents don’t do it, the children are less likely to engage in this destructive behavior

Teens must also follow the rules of the road and exercise the educational instructions parents provide concerning teenage drunk driving. While it may seem a poor choice when they want to impress their peers, it’s something that will reduce the number of fatalities for teen drivers and put them on the right path as adult drivers.

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