How to Refinance an Auto Loan


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- People look into getting a refinance auto loan for many reasons. Some have improved their credit scores. Others didn’t shop around for the best interest rate earlier and would now like a better one. Still others want to take advantage of the recently reduced interest rates available. is here to offer some guidance about this process, such as:

-Information to Have Handy
-Traditional Lenders
-Online Lenders
-Other Reasons to Refinance

Important Information to Know

There is some information one must have prior to beginning his search for the lowest refinance auto loan rate. First, one must know the payoff amount on his current loan – that is, how much it will be necessary to refinance. Second, he must be aware of the Kelly Blue Book valuation for his vehicle. He can gather this information from his current lender and by going online to automobile valuation websites, respectively.

Local Lenders

It is often the case that the lender that originally approved the auto loan will not be interested in refinancing it, so an individual may have to look to other local, conventional financers to get a refinance of his automobile loan. Like all businesses, banks and credit unions like making money, but they don’t necessarily want to earn it by attaching very high interest rates to auto loan refinances. They will often work with even those who are credit-challenged to devise a reasonable interest rate, so check with several lenders for the best rate.

Internet Financers

Sometimes , the best refinance auto loan rate can be found online. The great thing about the lenders here is that one can compare as many of them as one wishes with just a few clicks of a mouse. stresses that one must shop around to get the lowest interest rate. Gather several low interest offers and bring them to local lenders. They want to keep the cash in their town, and so will be inclined to match or beat the lowest offer. If none of them will meet an online lender’s offer, go with that lender.

More Reasons to Refinance

One good reason to refinance one’s automobile loan is simply to get a lower payment. Particularly if one has been paying on the loan for a couple of years and feels he deserves a lower interest rate (which generally leads to a lower payment), he should look into this procedure. As mentioned earlier, he may have to go with a different lender than the one he started out with, but that’s okay. The desire to purchase a vehicle one has been leasing is also a good reason to refinance. Most leases come with an option to buy when the lease requirements have been met.

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