How to Refinance an Auto Loan with Bad Credit or Poor Credit

It happens periodically: An individual experiences a reversal of financial fortunes and ends up either falling behind or defaulting on his auto loan payments. The following information will offer some insight into how to refinance an auto loan so no one ends up hurting their credit through loan default or late payments.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Before beginning the search for the lowest auto refinance rates, one ought to fully understand what a loan refinance is. Unlike a loan modification, which simply changes the terms of one’s loan, a refinance pays off one’s original auto loan then draws up a totally new one with, usually, a lower monthly payment.

Often, this refinanced loan comes from a different lender than the original loan, making it quite important to check refinancing interest rates and compare them between several financial providers. If one’s credit is poor, he may have to accept a higher interest rate than he’d prefer, but lower rates can be found with some diligent digging.

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Keep in mind that refinance auto loans rates are based not only on individual lenders’ dictates, but on the type of vehicle being refinanced, new or pre-owned, and on the length of time necessary to repay the refinanced loan. Several other factors influence refinance loan rates, such as what state one resides in, one’s acquired assets, the value of the auto being refinanced, and one’s credit rating and standing.

The lower ones credit score, the higher the interest that person will have to pay. The amount of the refinance loan comes into play as well, but may not be that big an influence on the interest rate. It is possible that, if the value of the vehicle to be refinanced is less than the amount currently owed on it, an applicant may be denied a loan refinance.

Many people are asking themselves “How to refinance auto loan?” The answer, as stated above, is certainly. Keep some of these external factors in mind when looking for refinancing, though. The automobile market changes, or fluctuates, in terms of supply and demand. The higher a demand for a particular car, the more folks will be willing to pay on it. Too, loan interest rates are dependent on the overall economy with variations from state to state and over different time periods. If one has an excellent credit score and wishes to refinance his auto loan, lenders may compete for that person’s business by offering incentives like reduced interest rates.

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