How to Refinance Auto Loan with Bad Credit, Get Lowest Car Refinance Rates

When it comes to how to refinance a car loan with bad credit, it may seem like there’s no help out there.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Fortunately, there is, and the good people at are knowledgeable about how to find it. Here’s some guidance for refinancing a loan when one has poor credit:

- Reasons to Refinance
- Bad Credit Lenders
- Terms and Interest Rates
- Avoid Getting Scammed

Good Motivation to Refinance

Learning how to refinance an auto loan with bad credit is easy. The first step is to figure out why refinancing is a good idea. For instance, if one’s finances hit a road block and cause a person to fall behind on his bills, refinancing can help him keep his car. Perhaps getting laid off has made keeping up with monthly payments difficult. If there’s a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or repossession in one’s credit file, refinancing is the thing to do to help rebuild poor credit.

High-Risk Financers

There is a particular type of lender that specializes in approving bad credit refinances. They are called high-risk lenders, and they work almost exclusively with people whose credit is poor. If one wants to know how to refinance a car loan with bad credit, applying with one of these financers is the way to learn. Because high-risk lenders have access to sources of funding that traditional lenders do not, they can help more people keep their vehicles by refinancing.

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Comparing Terms and Interest Rates

No one wants to pay more than he has to for items he needs. The same can be said for finding the lowest car refinance rates. Terms and interest rates can vary from lender to lender and can make a big difference in how much a person is actually paying for his refinanced loan. An individual should definitely take the time to comparison shop to get the very best terms and interest rate possible.

Don’t Get Scammed

Although most people would rather ignore it, remember that bad credit influences interest rates and reasonable loan terms. When learning about how to refinance a car loan with bad credit, be aware of scams. If a high-risk lender offers a ridiculously low interest rate, be alert. This could be an attempt to lock one into an adjustable rate loan, and if the rate changes later, it could mean a huge jump in one’s loan payment.

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