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How to Remove Cigarette Odor from Car

4 Steps to a Cigarette Odor free Car


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Let’s face it – cigarettes smell, but chances are that smokers, don’t realize just how bad the smell is until someone else calls attention to this odor. And even then, chances are that smokers don’t notice just how bad this odor is unless smokers quit smoking all together. Then beginning to recognize just how bad this odor really is and want to completely eliminate this smell from the home, car, and clothes, etc.

Recently quit smoking and want to rid your vehicle of an unpleasant cigarette odor or just don’t want the car to smell like cigarettes. Maybe borrowing Uncle Bob’s car and Bob said no smoking, but it happened anyway. These tips will help to remove cigarette odors from a car. Regardless of the reason for searching about how to remove cigarette odor from a car, these tips should help remove the odor once and for all.

4 Steps to a Cigarette Odor free Car

Step #1 – First and foremost remove the cars ashtray and wash it thoroughly outside of the vehicle, making sure to dry it carefully before placing it back inside of the vehicle.

Step #2 – Vacuum the entire vehicle; its seats, under the seats, the floorboards, the rugs, under the rugs, within the crevices, etc. Sprinkle a little bit of fragrant carpet powder or spray on the floorboards before vacuuming.

Step #3 – Give the interior a good and thorough clean. Wipe down the dashboards with special car wipes or spray and towels, and also consider wiping down the upholstery with baby wipes or a little bit of soapy water. Once finished cleaning the car, spray a little bit of Febreeze or something similar onto the upholstery and carpeting.

Step #4 – Excellent job cleaning your car. The last and final thing that should be done is hang a favorite scented air freshener. Consider hanging air fresheners in the front and the back of the vehicle for optimal results.

These four steps should help to remove the smell of cigarettes from a car almost instantly. However, if they have not or not feeling up to cleaning the car, consider Marquis Auto Restorations. Paying a professional car auto restorer to thoroughly give the vehicle a good re-upholstery is key. Don’t be afraid to mention that the ultimate goal is to eliminate the odor of cigarettes from the car.

Car owners do not have to get a new car anymore. Marquis Auto Restorations will fully restore the upholstery to original mint condition and make the car smell like new again.

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