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Sometimes there are errors on a person’s credit reports that need to be addressed.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- knows how to repair a credit report, and is happy to share its knowledge, including:

- Obtaining Credit Reports
- Online Caution
- How to Dispute Errors
- When to Check Back

Getting Credit Reports

In order to repair credit reports, one must get copies of them first, obviously. Each of the three major credit reporting bureaus allows individuals one free report every year. Contact Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax to get them. Compare each of them to the others and find what information each one has. Because all three are separate entities, they will each have items on the reports they furnish that the others may not have. Be sure to check each item to get a clear idea of what the three reports have in common and what is different on them. Also take a moment to locate the credit score.

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Use Care while Online

When attempting to repair a credit report online, one may not have a great deal of success. A great deal of the information one can get from his credit reports is not available online, and for good reason. While some websites have excellent security, not all do, and what’s on a credit report is private, very important data that no one else should have access to. The wisest move is not to try to access a credit report online at all: That is the best way to keep one’s personal information safe.

Disputing Mistakes

Part of how to repair a credit report is knowing what to look for on it. Take a lot of time to go over each separate report. Look for repeat items – that is, the same item showing twice on one report – or fraudulent entries. Check for charges that were never authorized. Keep a list that tracks which report has what information on it, and compare them. Once all of the corresponding data is tallied, get ready to dispute the mistakes.

Checking on Disputes

Once the letters of dispute have been written, send them to each of the reporting bureaus by registered mail. This is very important when one is trying to repair his credit report. Once the reporting bureaus receive one’s dispute letters, they have 60 days to render a decision as to whether or not the disputed items are legitimate. Check back on this after 50 days have passed to ascertain that the bureaus are aware of one’s letters.

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