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How to Rescue Your Marriage: A New Book by Author Alexis G. Roldan Is Helping Couples Worldwide Save Rocky Marriage


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2015 -- According to recent statistics, over half of all marriages are now ending in divorce. In fact, when a marriage has spun out of control, divorce is considered as the easiest way out of it. However, with a proactive approach, guidance and little advice, couples can indeed save their marriages. "How To Rescue Your Marriage" is one such book by author Alexis G. Roldan, which is a blueprint to a thriving marriage and can help couples overcome conflicts and saving their marriages forever.

"I wrote this book to help couples rescue their marriages before it's too late," said Alexis. "The strategies and techniques found in this book have helped hundreds of couples around the world, and they can most certainly help you too."

Through this book, the author strives to help couples in areas that traditional marriage counseling usually neglects. His aim is to empower and enlighten couples who want to get back together and rekindle the love that will last a lifetime. In other words, with the proven strategies taught in this book, couples can rescue their marriage before it's too late.

Specifically, some of the key issues addressed in the book are:

- How To Confront Your Spouse Without Arguing
- How To Re-establish Trust And Positive Communication
- How To Rekindle The Love That You Both Once Shared
- How To Use Simple Strategies That Will Continue To Nurture Your Relationship
- And Much, Much More!

Priced at $2.99, "How To Rescue Your Marriage" is currently available on Amazon as a download, visit:

Contact Person: Alexis G. Roldan
Address: Miami, Florida, United States
Phone: 305-401-1930