How To Sand A Floor

How to Sand a Floor Launches Floor Refinishing Tutorial Site for Do-It-Yourselfers

Site is operated by a professional floor refinisher and explains the techniques used by actual professionals, reports How to Sand a Floor


Hertfordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- For owners of parquet and other hardwood floors, the prospect of refinishing them looms large. This is, in part, because the job is literally large: Many floors of this type cover hundreds of square feet. The other concern is making sure that no errors are made in the process. It's fairly easy to sand too deeply or apply a new finish unevenly, and such mistakes are very obvious when their results are in the middle of a room. For these reasons, many people hire professionals to do the job. Hiring experts is expensive, though, and this can lead to the work being put off entirely.

Now, a site has launched that teaches people how to refinish their own hardwood floors so that they don't have to worry about making long-lasting, visible errors. instructs readers on everything from sanding to applying the final layer of a new finish the way the professionals do it. One of the things that makes this how-to site stand out is that a real professional is behind it. Ben Osborne, the owner, is currently operating his own floor sanding company.

"Before I opened my own company, I worked with many different sanding teams on jobs that included very prestigious locations," said Osborne. This has allowed me to see a wide variety of techniques and gauge their levels of effectiveness. I've put what I learned onto How To Sand a Floor ( so that people who want to do this job themselves have access to professional methods that will produce excellent results."

The first tutorial starts by instructing readers on the use of a floor sander. It turns out that these machines are of two varieties: belt or drum. Each one is covered starting with the very basics, like how to install the sandpaper, when to empty the machine's dust bag, and, of course, how to actually run the equipment.

Another tutorial covers the basics, and gives more detail on the operation of the sander. It doesn't stop with describing the most simple parts of the process, but also lets readers know about the little things that can often surprise first-time do-it-yourselfers. One surprising tip is to do the first sanding pass by running the machine diagonal to the grain instead of with it. Since many wood shop courses emphasize always sanding with the grain, this will be a shock to many people. However, it's a great way to quickly even up a floor's surface. A with-the-grain sanding is done later, as a finishing step. This is just one of the many things on the site that isn't obvious to a layman, but will help greatly in obtaining excellent results.

About How to Sand a Floor
How to Sand a Floor is a site owned and operated by a professional floor sander. It teaches people the process so that they can take on this project themselves and attain great results. Its tips show the owner's experience, and mention many things that wouldn't be seen in the average how-to book.