How to Save Thousands, Not See a Psychologist and Feel Much Better


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Australian author and retreat founder-facilitator attains sustained self-empowerment and feel-good results with clients, leaving traditional psychology and counselling in the backwaters.

If anyone knows that it’s possible for everybody to feel good, it’s certainly Izabella Siodmak. Curing herself, at the age of 14, of devastatingly low self-esteem and depression and narrowly avoiding death from severe anorexia, she turned her attitude and mindset around from rock bottom to one of great strength, passion and power. Applying the wisdom and experience from her own journey, Izabella has supported thousands of retreat clients over the last decade to reclaim their own power and feel great from the inside out.

Izabella’s leading edge one-on-one emPower method takes a quantum leap from the popular, yet expensive methods of goal setting, motivational coaching, giving advice or rehashing your past. Far from suggesting solutions or temporary bandaids, Izabella facilitates personal empowerment at the deepest level through her definitive emPower method. Through this uplifting, guided process, each client learns how to tap into their natural feel good state, accessing their own guidance and clarity whilst simultaneously evolving beyond their limiting beliefs and patterns, which are the root cause of much personal distress. Izabella explains “When it comes from within, our own truth and wisdom is naturally self-inspiring, empowering, exciting and self-propelling.”

Every human being has the common desire to feel good, to reconnect with one’s true nature. Once experienced, the emPower method, which encompasses thoughts, emotions and one's own bodily sensations, is easy to use again, and on your own, to ensure your return to a good-feeling state, anytime an unpleasant experience arises. The power is now in your hands, without having to control any external person or situation, or seek ongoing support or advice from another.

The results for many clients have been life transforming and inspiring. A recent client, Kara Lee, truly got to practice what she had learned, as well as discover how quickly she had already transformed during her three day mental and emotional wellness retreat. During her retreat, she received a phone call informing that her husband of 23 years had passed away. Within minutes of crying and allowing her grief to arise, she was naturally able to connect with a deep wisdom from within that soothed and settled her. She marvelled that in just three days of the retreat, she was not only able to emotionally cope with the situation, but to also experience a deep peace and acceptance within despite the shocking circumstance. “I know I would not have been able to cope very well if I had not done this,” she said.

Kara Lee went home and continued to be an inspiring example to others by choosing to live from her inner power. At a time when it would have been understandable to others that she may be falling apart, instead she “blew herself away” at how she was able to support others and the level of love and joy she has been feeling. After the funeral, Kara Lee said to Izabella:

“I also used the opportunity to share your message and will be putting in an order for at least 10 of your You the Confident Empowered Woman books. Everyone could not believe how strong and confident I have been in these difficult times and I shared with them that you both showed me and gave me the gift of knowing that it is me who has had that strength and love all along.”

About Izabella Siodmak
Izabella Siodmak has recently written over seven books, especially in light of those who can’t access the retreats or emPower sessions and would like to explore a self-guided interactive journey of empowerment, love and joy in the comfort of their own home.

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