How to Save Your Home from Foreclosure with Mortgage Modification

Although the foreclosure rate has begun to drop recently, there are still families in the untenable position of possibly losing their homes to this process. Some homeowners have been asking themselves “How to stop foreclosure on my home?” Here is some insight to that very problem.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- There are many answers to the question of how to avoid foreclosure on your home, and what follows are several of them. Before it gets to the point that the lien holder sends a Notice of Default, contact them to explain that a financial setback has occurred, making it difficult to meet the mortgage payments. The lender will very likely take steps to ease the burden of the full mortgage payment. Some of these steps may be lowering the interest rate or giving one longer to repay it. It is possible that the mortgage holder will also refinance the loan or even forgive the past due amount once it has been proven that one has the wherewithal to begin making the full payments again. If that does not meet with success, try getting a mortgage loan refinance. This is getting a new loan, usually through a different lender, which will pay off the original mortgage and draw up a new one with better rates or lower payments.

Saving Your Home or Just Lowering Your Monthly Mortgage Payment, Send Request for More Info

Another solution to the question of “How can stop foreclosure on your house?” is to look into government-sponsored programs that help by refinancing a mortgage to make it easier for homeowners to make their monthly payments. This process is available for first-time mortgagees and those needing to redraw their second mortgage as well. Making Home Affordable Modification program, an important part of the Obama administration’s strategy to prevent home foreclosures, offers plans for second mortgage holders to get help with their payments. There is also something called the Principal Reduction Alternative. The PRA is useful for those homeowners whose house is worth considerably less than what they owe on it. PRA encourages loan services to lower the amount one owes on one’s house, which makes it considerably easier to afford the payments.

Looking at how to save your home from foreclosure with mortgage modification, again, there is government-sponsored help available. It is called HAMP, and is accessible through one’s mortgage service. There are specific requirements to qualify for the program, which can be defined by one’s lender.

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