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How to Sell on Etsy with Your Blog - Selling on Etsy One Blog Post at a Time

Etsy marketing author Charles Huff shares strategies of how selling on Etsy can be made easier with blogging.


La Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Most artisans selling on Etsy know that a majority of their income derives from sales made within the confines of the popular Brooklyn-based website. But what many Etsy sellers may not know is that they may be missing out on a treasure trove of possible income by ignoring that simple, and affordable, resource: their own blog.

That's according to Charles Huff, author of "How to Sell on Etsy With Blogging" who believes that sellers who "put all their eggs in the Etsy basket" are saying goodbye to thousands of dollars each year.

"There's nothing wrong with selling tons of your stuff on the Etsy platform. But the big problem is you don't control that platform," says Huff. "Etsy can change conditions at any time - which they have - and it's best to keep your sales diverse, across many different channels."

And not only do you maintain control by selling your Etsy wares directly on your own blog or website, but you can also deliver upsells and offer related products. "You have a much more captivated audience on your blog, than you do on Etsy. It's like herding cats," says Huff.

Not that Huff has anything against the Etsy platform. "It's where I make a majority of my earnings." But Huff believes in these tough economic times that small, slight increases to income can make a huge difference.

"And anything that gives Etsy sellers the ability to keep making creations for a living is a good thing."

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