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"How to Set Up Your Desk: Hack Your Desk to Get More Done in Less Time" Is Now Available on Kindle


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- An incredible new book entitled “How to Set Up Your Desk”, written by James Christiansen has been released on Kindle teaching people how to set up their office desk at work or at home for maximum productivity and efficiency.

In today’s very competitive work setting, squeezing every bit of efficiency and production out of the work day makes the difference between failure and success and between pink slips and promotions. A basic aspect of efficiency and productivity is proper desk organization and the newly release book by James Christiansen entitled “How To Set Up Your Desk: Hack Your Desk To Get More Done In Less Time” will show people how to systematize and organize their desks to make the most of their productivity and efficiency. This book will not just help workers make their desk organized, but it will also help them become productive in their daily lives and managing their home office.

“This is a great book if you are trying to organize spaces. I loved it because it doesn't try to create new habits for you in order to get organized, but creates systems based on how you already do things. For me, it allowed me to determine why certain areas in my office get cluttered and established a system for every activity in a given space. It was also ‘fun’ to rearrange things to cut down on time in the office, desk area, etc. Great book!” - Stuart Powell

"This book is a comprehensive look at setup options to meet a variety of needs. It helps the reader to think "out of the box" so they can choose what setup is most conducive to one's productivity." - Lisa Schultz.

This book is available for only $2.99 until Cyber Monday. For more information please visit the book’s page located at

Company: James Christiansen
Contact Person: Chrissy Rice
Address: Vancouver, WA