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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- Everyone is aware of the fact that dogs are exceptionally intelligent animals. The number of people who own dogs these days seems to be increasing through every passing day. Dogs have a nasty habit of digging, which is undoubtedly annoying and must be stopped at all costs. There are different ways to stop dogs from digging at all times and they must be known by all those individuals who wish to know about how to stop dogs from digging in the first place. According to research, dogs indulge in digging for many reasons but most of the times it is only because they are bored; hence the term has been coined as ‘boredom digging’. The most important thing to do is to condition the dog, which needs quite a lot of time. However, the results are promising and that certainly is the main goal. In the beginning, the dog owner must provide adequate basic training to the dog to see how it responds. Most probably, the dog is likely to start digging and not respond the way people want it to. One of the best tactics and strategies for making dogs quit digging is to distract them. The main reason behind distracting them is that it tends to eliminate their boredom for once and all and they completely forget about the digging as they are indulged in other activities which they find pleasant.

If the dog still continues digging, discouragements are recommended. Not only do discouragements prove to be successful but they are also safe since nobody wants their pets harmed in any way. Discouragements such as wetting the digging place and placing hard objects such as rocks prove to be great ones since they tend to stop the dogs from digging immediately. More severe discouragements involve making dogs smell their feces or the smell of strong citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits and most importantly, oranges. These smells are considered to make dogs stop from doing anything, for good. A good tip for everyone who wants to know about how to stop dog from digging is to always let their dog socialize with other dogs in its surroundings.

Not only does it take their mind off from digging, but it also does not let them get bored which is the main reason behind the nasty digging habit. Dog owners can also remove the temptation by removing mud for once and all since this will surely mark the end of the digging.

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