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How to Stop Binge Eating and Craving Sugar Is the Focus of New Teleseries by Heal Your Hunger, Inc.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Heal Your Hunger, Inc., a service that helps people overcome binge eating, is launching a brand new program that will help teach people how to stop binge eating and beat their sugar addiction once and for all.

The 5-part teleseries is titled “Sweet Seduction: How to Say ‘No’ to Sugar Cravings and Still Love Your Food!” Classes will be conducted via phone, and will also include three training videos. During the program, participants will learn step-by-step techniques to overcome their sugar addiction. From understanding why and how sugar is bad for overall health and what makes it so hard to give up, to advice on dealing with the often-powerful emotions that come up after quitting sugar, the teleseries will offer in-depth and effective food addiction help. In addition, participants will learn how to make delicious and satisfying desserts and other recipes that are completely sugar-free and free of chemical-based sugar substitutes.

The teleseries will be taught by Tricia Greaves Nelson, the President of The Nelson Center for Emotional Healing and the co-author of the upcoming book, “Heal Your Hunger.” A former sugar addict herself, Nelson can not only sympathize with what people are going through, she can also empathize.

“I was the girl who walked by a plate of cookies planning to eat ‘just one’ – and wound up leaving nothing behind but a few stray crumbs,” Tricia wrote an article about her experiences, adding that she couldn’t open a carton of ice cream without scraping out every last bite – even from the lid — until there was absolutely nothing left.

“Once I started eating sugar, I just couldn’t stop.”

Tricia’s sugar cravings caused her to gain 50 extra pounds. She felt ashamed, embarrassed and unable to stop her desire for sugary foods. After trying a wide variety of diets, exercise programs, and even 12-step programs, Tricia still found herself dealing with an almost constant desire to eat sugar. Eventually, she realized that in order to beat her addiction to sugar, she had to understand why she had it in the first place. Tricia read everything she could about sugar, learned why it is so addictive, and through trial and error, broke free from her sugar habit, lost 50 pounds, and got her life back.

In order to share with others her journey to a sugar-free life, and also inspire and help others to beat their own sugar addictions, Tricia and her husband Roy Nelson—a spiritual leader and mentor—are dedicated to offering others the binge eating help that they so desperately need.

Tricia said she is looking forward to the upcoming Sweet Seduction teleseries and teaching people about overcoming emotional eating and finally freeing themselves from their sugar addiction.

“To me, nothing feels better than helping someone break the grip of sugar addiction and discover how healthy and amazing they can look and feel – without feeling deprived or hungry.”

About Heal Your Hunger, Inc.
Heal Your Hunger, Inc., is launching a 5-part teleseries called “Sweet Seduction: How to Say ‘No” to Sugar Cravings and Still Love Your Food!”, which shows people how to stop binge-eating and overcome emotional eating and food addiction. This organization, that services binge-eaters and emotional eaters, also offers the “Virtual Healing Intensive for Emotional Eaters,” a 9-week course that frees a person from binge-eating. Heal Your Hunger features the work of spiritual healer and mentor, Roy Nelson, as well an emotional eating expert and coach, Tricia Nelson. Together they have lost 170 pounds and will be publishing a book this summer called “Heal Your Hunger: Why You Overeat and How to Stop.” For more information, please visit http://www.healyourhunger.com