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It seems that every day a news items tells about yet another traffic fatality at the hands of a drunk driver. That waste of life is sad, and can make someone angry.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- wants share some ways to stop drunk driving, such as:

- Know the Signs
- Peer Intervention
- Tougher Laws

Know the Signs of Inebriation

One of the most visible signs of being drunk is slurring one’s words. It takes a different amount of alcohol for each person to become drunk, and not everyone will slur while intoxicated. Others will exhibit increased emotional expression or may become aggressive toward others. One way to understand how to stop drunk driving is to recognize these “tells” and stop the person from getting behind the wheel.

Colleague Involvement

Once one is familiar with the signs of drunkenness, one can begin to stop drunk driving by intervening when a friend or peer is too inebriated to drive. This can mean taking his key or driving him home (as long as one is sober). Calling a taxi works, as does calling another friend whom one knows has not been drinking. Whatever it takes, get in the way of someone who is drunk and thinks he can drive.

Contact Support Groups

The groups that have formed to address how to stop drunk driving are innumerable. However, two in particular have has enormous success in lowering the rate of drunken driving. The first one is MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving). MADD offers support groups to adults and teens alike that have alcohol dependency issues. SADD (Students Against Dangerous Decisions) provide groups that counsel teens about how to avoid the pressure of drinking and driving. They recruit students to join SADD and be part of a larger community of teens that do not get drunk. Between both of these organizations, much progress has been made to curtail the incidents of drinking and driving.

Harsher Punishment

Another way to stop drunk driving is to get tougher on those who repeatedly engage in the behavior. Instead of 1 year behind bars, alcohol education classes, and 90 days of license suspension for a first offense, perhaps 2 years of jail time, community service, and at least 1 full year without a license might be better. Statistics show that drivers who are intoxicated get away with it a minimum of three times before they ever get caught. There must be a way to increase law enforcement personnel so more of these offenders get arrested.

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