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How to Stop Stuttering Features Articles Filled With Tips and Advice About Stuttering Treatments


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2012 -- According to statistics, about 1 in 100 adults has a stuttering problem. In the United States alone, this adds up to around 3 million people who are living with this issue. In addition, about 5 percent of all children—usually more boys than girls—go through a stuttering phase that lasts at least 6 months. The majority of these kids will stop stuttering by late childhood, but some will develop a long-term problem.

While stuttering is technically not a serious health problem, it can be emotionally devastating. People who stutter often feel shy when speaking to others, and if untreated, they can become anxious and depressed.

In an effort to stop stuttering once and for all, a variety of treatments have been developed over the years. Everything from medication and electronic devices to a variety of therapies have been used on people who stutter.

A new website has already gotten a lot of attention for its vast amount of educational articles filled with facts, tips and reassuring advice about stuttering. Everything from why people stutter in the first place to information about the wide variety of treatments that are available is included on the free online resource.

How To Stop Stuttering will help anyone who is stuttering, from kids and teenagers to adults. The website recently started its own Facebook page, so everyone is welcome to join the community committed to stopping stuttering once and for all.

Using the website is easy; visitors can sign on at any time and browse through the wide assortment of articles and posts. One article, titled “Stuttering therapy ideas—Several ideas to deal with stuttering,” examines many of the methods people have tried to stop stuttering.

For example, one stuttering treatment that the article describes is called the Tomatis Method.

“The Tomatis Method tries to return stutters to their normal hearing, listening, correcting and controlling the pace and fluency, using a machine called the Electronic Ear,” an article on the website said, adding that most experts claim this is a safe option with virtually no side effects and a 85 percent success rate.

“Therapies for about six months appear to have great success in children and adults although it takes about eight months, in general, until they manage to overcome the disorder.”

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How To Stop Stuttering is a new website that is devoted to educating readers of all ages on the various treatments and therapies they can try to stop stuttering, including different electronic gadgets, simple treatment methods as well as some medications. The free online resource also includes articles filled with interesting facts about stuttering, tips and advice. For more information, please visit http://howtostopstuttering.co/