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How to Study Launches Study Guide Aimed at Revolutionising Best Practice for Students


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2013 -- Everyone learns. From the minute they open their eyes for the first time to the second they close them for the last. Individuals are constantly undergoing new experiences and processing data from the outside world that informs their perspective. Of all this learning, perhaps the most important they undergo is the academic study that takes place from childhood throughout adolescence. While a great deal of studying takes place during this time, very little of that time is spent studying the proper way to study. How To Study is a new website launched to promote an elearning course that can revolutionize study methodology for students to easily attain top grades.

The guide was developed by studying the habits of highly gifted individuals and high achievers, before creating a system that aimed to codify the practices of these individuals so that they could be adopted by the average reader. The author of How To Study explains his method has given him the ability to read over 70 books a year, speak confidently at conferences and come within the top three in a national exam.

The guide includes a 228 page e-book that works from the ground up across all subjects, challenging previous assumptions about education and using methodologies similar to ‘life hacks’ to offer alternative approaches to comprehending difficult material. Together with an optional video course and worksheets, the site aims to provide everything a student wanting to learn how to study could need.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Learn more study less. That’s the goal of almost everybody in education, as the temptation of high levels of social interaction are always there, and a work-life balance is essential for teenagers to learn other skills that will carry them through life beyond mere academia. The holistic learning approach this book espouses has been carefully crafted to give methodologies that allow twenty percent of the work to result in eighty percent of the total output, radically saving time and energy while guaranteeing results.”

About How To Study
How To Study is a website promoting an online e-learning course comprising of a written guide, video education modules, work sheets and other features. The guide comes in three separate packages depending on need, and has been developed with a holistic learning approach in mind after studying successful learners at length. The guide promises to revolutionize and optimize studying habits for users. For more information, please visit: