How to Use the HealthyWiser TDS Meter for Testing Coffee


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2016 -- Testing the total dissolved solids or TDS in coffee is always needed to make sure that the drinker gets the right extraction levels for the coffee.

According to website Perfect Daily Grind, the total dissolved solids in coffee are associated with the extraction levels of coffee and therefore, the taste as well.

"It's also worth mentioning that an inability to hit a reasonable extraction percentage could indicate roast issues, a problem with the water or the brewing equipment, such as the filter basket, the grinder/burrs or even the pressure and brew water temperature. However in most cases, TDS just serves as another source of information helping you to dial in your coffee," Perfect Daily Grind stated.

So how can people test the coffee's total dissolved solids with HealthyWiser's TDS meter? Another website shared some tips on testing the TDS of coffee.

First, consumers should first check the TDS meter's temperature range before using it with the coffee sample. HealthyWiser's TDS and EC meter has a temperature range of 0.1 to 80 degrees Celsius and around 32 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

"As with any electronic product, extended or repeated exposure to very high or low temperatures may affect the performance of the meter and ultimately shorten its lifespan," the website stated further.

Since the HealthyWiser TDS meter has a sensor that reads the coffee sample, it has also been advised that users can clean this sensor always. This action is to avoid the meter from having inaccurate readings in the future.

HealthyWiser's TDS, EC and temperature meter is used for efficient water quality testing. It is a device that offers testing for coffee. Aside from coffee, they can also be used to test wastewater systems, reverse osmosis systems, laboratories, fish tanks, swimming pools, water purification systems, drinking water and more. The company utilizes advanced technology with the TDS EC meter.

"This is a neat tool to have… It does clearly show differences between different sources of water from distilled to tap to spring. I plan to learn to use it properly and use it in the new aquariums that I am setting up as well. The readout is large and clear without my glasses on the purple color is unique and cute, the leather case is a great add on. It comes with pretty good basic directions and care instructions," a review on Amazon stated.

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HealthyWiser is a reputable company in the United States that provides various products for health awareness. They have products for beauty, personal health, and wellness. For more information about their TDS meter, visit the Amazon page and read more information about the product.

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