How to Vlookup in Excel Presents Easy Method for Microsoft Vlookup Function


Greater London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Most professionals in any industry may have Microsoft Excel skills when it comes to using it for data analysis and other functions that this office application achieves. But only a few really know about the usefulness of what could as well be the most important feature of Microsoft Excel namely the vlookup function. This website ( outlines a very simple method that will help Microsoft Excel users to save the huge amount of time they normally waste trying to analyze large amounts of data.

The website how to vlookup in excel ( has released a simple formula that seeks to show Microsoft Excel users the simplest way to use the vlookup to quickly analyze data and save incredible amounts of time that they spend daily to analyze data in multiple excel sheets. The method presented in the vlookup website is derived from the understanding that most users of excel only have a vague understanding of the vlookup function in Excel, yet this is the most powerful tool you can ever find in excel. Those who have no idea on how to use vlookup often end up frustrated as they spend hours and hours in the office trying to extract the fine details from intimidating volumes of data. This really irritates because one can go on and on for the whole day but end up with little accomplished.

The vlookup function is very easy to follow through and all one needs to get it right is nothing but genuine interest to understand how the vlookup works. Whether one is new to Microsoft Excel or even a regular user, they will be able to understand the vlookup formula and put it into good use whenever they have massive data projects that require analysis.

Every step in the vlookup formula in the website is accompanied by a screenshot which shows the reader exactly where to perform the explained action in a typical Microsoft excel worksheet. The file appearing in the screenshots is also available for users to download for free and give it a try at any time-this is something that other websites do not offer.

Another important category that how to vlookup has added on the website is a section on the five most likely reasons why a vlookup may not work. This is where common vlookup challenges are discussed and complete solutions provided so users can find a way to sort out the daily difficulties they may encounter when using this function whether at home or office. Every tech term is well explained in a language that all users will find easy to understand as they discover that the vlookup is a friendly application.

About is committed to helping the thousands of people who use excel everyday but have no clue at all about Excel’s vlookup function. In other words these category of people are very conversant with excel, they can use it professionally. However they are unaware of the most useful function of excel. By simplifying the vlookup formula in Excel, the site is helping many people to save time by using the vlookup function to speed up data analysis tasks. The formula caters for different versions of excel be it vlookup in Excel 2007 or even 2010.

About vlookup
Vlookup is a function found within Microsoft Excel. It simplifies data analysis by making it easier for one to perform accurate search especially in cases where information is just too much. Instead of manually extracting records, where one has to go through large volumes of data, the vlookup will locate the most important information and quickly put it in presentable format. In other words it does the magic so the user can concentrate on other work.

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