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How to Write a Movie Script AudioBook Helps Newbie Screenwriters Build Character

How to Write a Movie Script with Characters That Don’t Suck Shines a Spotlight on Common Character Mistakes Aspiring Screenwriters Make


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- ScriptBully Magazine editor Michael Rogan has read his share of books on screenwriting over the years. The common denominator he found among them is how surprisingly light the content is on character development. Rogan aims to fill this void in his audiobook "How to Write a Movie Script with Characters That Don’t Suck."

“Character is always the shortest chapter in the book,” Rogan says. “Always. And they're what many newbie screenwriters royally screw up most of the time.”

Making his book stand out from the rest, Rogan dedicates all seven chapters to helping newbies write movie scripts with “kick-ass” characters that even Hollywood’s A-list actors would beg to play. He mingles witty instruction with interactive exercises designed to help writers get to know the characters in their head better.

“Knowing which jams will elicit the strongest reaction in your characters, and digging so deep inside your characters you see things through their eyes, is what this book is about,” Rogan said.

As a helpful bonus, Rogan completes the character exercises himself and provides his responses at the end of each chapter to give readers added inspiration. His engaging workshop-style approach results in an effective book that teaches screenwriters how to develop compelling characters and write a movie script and sell it.

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