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How to Write a Screenplay That Doesn't Entirely Suck - Screenwriting Tips from the Hollywood Trenches

Former Hollywood screenplay reader, Michael Rogan, in his new book lays out the screenwriting strategies the film business doesn't want you to know about.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2014 -- According to former Hollywood script reader, Michael Rogan, learning how to write a screenplay that's engaging, marketable and capable of transforming a screenwriter's life is a bit like peeking behind the curtain of the "Wizard of Oz."

"The deeper a screenwriter gets into the film business the more they realize there are very few rules or formulas when it comes to writing a screenplay," says Rogan. "What I've tried to do is share the few rules screenwriters should follow - and let them forget the rest."

That includes such classic story paradigms as 3-act structure. "Audiences don't watch movies with a stopwatch and a notepad in their hands," says Rogan. "They watch a movie like they're on a roller coaster. They just want a ride with lots of ups and downs."

How does a screenwriter write a screenplay with lots of ups and downs? "Have something happen every 10 pages." How does a film scribe create interesting bad guys? "Make sure they're more charming and resourceful than your hero."

Rogan doesn't claim to be the last word on screenwriting. "I'm sure there'll be 10,000 more screenwriting books written this year." But he does try to offer a simple, but powerful, message for those just getting started with screenwriting.

"Don't get bogged down in the physical construction of your movie," says Rogan. "Go for strong emotion every single moment."

"The rest, including your career, will take care of itself."

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