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Highly Anticipated 4 Hour Seminar for Men that want to Attract Women in Everyday Situations in London to Take Place on Tuesday 7pm September 27th, 2011


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for effective ways to meet women in daily situations, BMG Connections and social interaction expert Adam Cumberland are announcing their live 4 hour Attraction Anywhere dating seminar in London on Sept 27th, 2011.

For many men, learning how to attract women is one of the biggest hurdles they ever encounter. Whether it’s approaching a woman for the first time, learning how to spark attraction during the initial conversation, or keeping her interest in a long term relationship, attracting and dating great women seems to be one of the biggest sticking points in the lives of most men.

In a recent report by Men’s Health magazine, social psychologists concluded that 20% of men attract 80% of the women. According to Adam and his team there is an important truth revealed by these statistics. Most men just don’t understand how to communicate with women, and those who do are so rare that they attract the majority of the women on a consistent basis.

But the solution is quite simple, explains Adam - it simply requires leading women to where they want to be lead, reading their attraction cues, and acting accordingly. This doesn't make you controlling but it does put you in control. Many of my students have mastered this and know exactly how to get a date with any woman.

In his 4 hour seminar Adam and his team will unveil field tested secrets that have already helped thousands of men across the world learn how to meet women and how to seduce women. “Adam will show you how to deploy the BMG Philosophy to achieve a science for connecting with women. You are going to learn it and master it,” says the website.

He will demonstrate the three simple steps that will trigger immediate attraction in women without having to say a word, how to turn the negative feeling associated with “Approach Anxiety” into a positive force that actually drives men to approach more women, and how to become the “forthright person” in any conversation or interaction.

In addition to the techniques Adam will teach, he promises to show participants the step by step methods for rising above limiting thought patterns and belief systems to put oneself in the “right mentality” for interacting with women. He will “share a strategy that will replace any negative thought processes with a core masculine confidence.”

“This event is designed to give each individual a step by step plan to fulfil their own particular needs that will ensure and cement within themselves the desired results for connecting with women and the world at large,” says the website. “Adam and the BMG team have shown thousands of men how to turn a dull walk to work every day into a fun way of meeting new and exciting women.”

Visit the website, www.bmgconnections.com to get more dating tips and advice for men and to sign up to this highly anticipated seminar.