How Truck Drivers Are Going Green in 2014

Truck drivers are going green in 2014 mainly due to the high cost of operation


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- No matter where one goes and what industry one works in, more and more people moving to a greener experience. For truck drivers of vehicles of all sizes and that drive in all types of road conditions this is an especially important move, mainly due to the high cost of operation that these individuals face. Some of the ways that truck drivers are going green in 2014 are highlighted here.

Keep the Engine Tuned Properly
When a vehicle receives a tune up, it can improve the overall fuel efficiency and gas mileage by up to four percent. However, the results that are seen will vary based on the type of vehicle that it is and the kind of repair that is completed. Additionally, the qualities of the repairs will affect the overall performance of the vehicle. An engine tune up and fixing serious maintenance issues, such as an oxygen sensor that is faulty, can improve the mileage by up to 40 percent.

Check and Replace the Trucks Air Filters
When a clogged air filter is replaced it can improve the fuel mileage of the vehicle by up to 10 percent. The air filter is responsible for keeping impurities from causing damage to the insides of the engine. Not only can the replacement of a dirty air filter save on gas, it will also protect the engine.

Ensure Tires are Inflated Properly
Gas mileage can be further improved by up to four percent by ensuring that the tires on the truck are inflated to the ideal pressure. Tires that are under inflated can result in a lower amount of gas mileage. Additionally, tires that are inflated properly are much safer and will last a much longer time.

Use the Proper Type of Motor Oil
Fuel mileage can be improved by using the proper grade of motor oil that has been recommended by the vehicles manufacturer. It is also important to utilize the right type of oil filter. Truck drivers should also seek motor oils that include the “Energy Conserving” label to ensure that it contains additives for friction reduction.

Use Sensible Driving Techniques
If a person drives aggressively, such as speeding and rapid acceleration, it will waste a significant amount of gas. Driving smartly will help to lower the overall gas mileage by up to 33 percent on the highways. Sensible driving also provides much safer roadways providing better driving conditions for everyone.

Making a move toward green driving can also be a substantial amount of money savings. No matter the size of truck that is driven or how often it is driven, using the tips and techniques highlighted here will help reduce costs and expenses related to driving.

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