Joe Bragg Reveals Exciting Career Opportunities in the FBI


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- The recently published U.S. jobs report shows that unemployment rates are still high, and the economic outlook for the country is not good. For those currently seeking employment, the situation is dire.

Trying to find a stable job in a slow economy is tough, but there are certain career opportunities that the federal government will always offer no matter what the economic outlook is. American citizens will always need to be protected, and as a result, federal law enforcement represents an attractive career option for many.

For information on careers in the FBI, many people have now begun consulting the website

“Becoming an FBI agent is not easy, but it is worth it. The FBI has evolved into one of the most sophisticated law enforcement agencies in the world. The men and women who work in the FBI are among the best and brightest. Once you become an FBI agent, you can feel rewarded by the knowledge that the work you do each day provides national security, protects the innocent, and makes our country a better place,” declares a spokesperson for

At potential candidates will find information on what it takes to become an FBI agent. In addition to job descriptions and education requirements, they will find detailed information on the various branches and rankings in the FBI, allowing them to envision how careers in the FBI might evolve over time. Every aspect of an FBI career is poured over in great detail including details of what can preclude individuals from joining the FBI.

Because physical preparation is just as important as educational preparation, visitors to the website will also find advice on FBI training. The site breaks down the physical tests a candidate must pass to enter the FBI and gives training tips to ensure candidates pass with flying colors.

The site delves further in to the life of an FBI agent, potential candidates can review details on the FBI agent lifestyle and gain an insight into the FBI agent salary scale in order to help them make solid career decisions.

The website includes links to the top three online criminal justice schools, so interested candidates can start researching academic programs right away. Using the sites simple to navigate interface candidates can also search for schools by specialization, which includes fields like criminology, forensics, law enforcement and legal studies.

Articles such as “Student Opportunities with the CIA” and “There’s More than One Way to Work for the FBI” give even more insight into this exciting career path. provides Americans across the country with the resources to research careers in the FBI and take the right steps towards achieving their FBI career goals.

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