Joe Bragg Releases Step by Step Guide to Getting Bigger Arms, Chest, and Body


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Many young men dream of getting big. Skinny kids get pushed around a lot at school, and girls never seem to go for skinny, small guys. After getting big, many formerly-skinny kids find that the roles have been reversed. Girls suddenly start to pay attention and bullies disappear.

These are lessons that aims to share with its visitors. At, visitors will find detailed instructions about building a bigger body, including achieving bigger arms, a bigger chest, bigger legs, or bigger abs. the website is designed for men (or women) of any age who are ready to get bigger through hard work, a careful diet, and exercise.

As a spokesperson for explains, the website is designed to function like a personal trainer:

“Our website collects detailed diet and exercise information from around the internet and shares that information with our visitors. Instead of paying a personal trainer hundreds of dollars a month for instruction, our site is free for anybody to access and provides the same basic advice.”

The explains that five basic elements are needed in order to get bigger, including:

1) Strength training
2) Endurance training
3) Aerobic exercise
4) Proper nutrition
5) Proper rest

In order to help visitors achieve those goals, features detailed instructional advice, including rookie mistakes that beginners might make, tips on warming up, and tips on staying hydrated. Once visitors are ready to focus on specific muscle groups, they can read the “How to Get Bigger Arms” guide. Or, if just seeking general advice on muscle building, they can read the general “How to Get Bigger” guide.

But as the spokesperson explains, getting big is not nearly as expensive or time-consuming as many people think:

“Just because someone works 50 hours a week and goes to school doesn’t mean they won’t be able to get big. In fact, our website shows visitors how to work two muscle groups a day for as little as three minutes, three times a week in order to get bigger than ever before. When paired with a healthy diet, good aerobic exercise, and proper rest, there’s no reason why anyone would not be able to get big – regardless of their budget or time schedule.”

Whether scaring off bullies, trying to impress girls, or simply searching for a sense of personal achievement, the website features the resources skinny guys need in order to transform into big guys as quickly as possible.

About is a fitness and diet website that explains the step by step guide to getting bigger muscles throughout the body. The website features common mistakes that beginners make as well as tips for the gym and the kitchen. For more information, please visit: