How2StartABlog Tells Folks How to Start a Blog

Blogging might have lost its sheen, but How2StartABlog tells people how to keep the luster intact


Westbury, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- How2StartABlog, launched by Tomasz Lechowski recently, helps people start their own blogs in a few simple steps. The website takes an aspiring blogger through the broader and finer aspects of how to start a blog. The website offers the step by step guide to creating a blog, right from the definition of blog and registering the domain name to monetizing the blog.

Founder of the website, Tomasz Lechowski, is a passionate blogger who believes that passion should be the driving factor for blogging. He said, “Sharing your passion with people online is a great way to express your thoughts and to teach others about what makes your favorite activities so special. By publishing this content online you never know the type of friends that you will meet and the impact that you can make on other people’s lives.”

The website offers people a detailed explanation about blogs in layman’s terms that will assist them in starting a blog. The tutorial for beginners to blogging given at the home page of the website gives an intuitive idea of the essentials to start a blog. It involves the initial, yet important, part of starting a blog i.e., deciding the topic and registering the domain name. The website then takes readers step by step through blog hosting followed by the customization of the blog. Tips for the monetization of blogs are also provided for the readers.

Lechowski pointed out the monetary side to blogging when he said, “Another big part of publishing online is that you can actually start to make decent money while blogging about subjects that you are passionate about.”

The website also offers the facility of subscribing to free e-mail newsletters. The newsletter will enumerate blogging and online marketing tips, tips, tools and tutorials about websites and blogging. There are coupons and discounts provided in How2StartaBlog that aspiring bloggers can avail when hosting their blogs. The site also provides recommendations of useful products and services when starting a blog such as domain name registration, blog hosting sites, WordPress themes etc.

About How2StartABlog
How2StartABlog, a website that helps people start their own blogs, takes prospective bloggers through the nuances of blogging. How2StartABlog caters to people who intend to start blogging and amateur bloggers who want to improve their blogs. The website offers several tips for blogging and familiarizes new bloggers with recent trends in field.

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