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Howard Packaging, LLC Announces Arrival of Custom Printed Recycled Shopping Bags

Mall stores and other retailers now have an environmentally-friendly way to bag and box their items for customers, reports Howard Packaging


Skokie, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Companies are always looking for ways to keep their names in front of their current customers and put it in front of prospective new ones. One of the best methods for this is to use custom printed packaging. Howard Packaging, LLC has announced the arrival of custom printed recycled shopping bags, which are the newest addition to its line.

"More and more, people are learning about the dangers of not just disposable plastic bags, but paper ones as well," said Ron Watson of Howard Packaging. "Disposable plastic can end up in forests and oceans, where it directly harms wildlife. Even if it doesn't get to a natural area, discarded bags can blow away and contribute greatly to urban debris. Paper ones, it turns out, really aren't much better. The paper making process produces pollution, and if the harvesting of the trees is done improperly, contributes to soil erosion and deforestation. Clearly, the best way to eliminate both problems is to use reusable or recycled shopping bags."

Recycled shopping bags can be made of either paper or plastic, and the intended use usually determines which material will be chosen. Bags made of recycled plastic can be made of durable, thick sheets that will last through many uses before finally cracking or otherwise breaking down. Thin plastic can be used if fewer uses are required. Recycled paper bags, on the other hand, aren't usually meant to stand up to too many uses. They do, however, tend to be thick enough to use them multiple times.

"This type of shopping bag is best for stores that typically give customers decently-heavy bags as it is," said Watson. "Shopping mall stores are some of our biggest customers. Many people already reuse this type of bag as long as it will hold up, but by using ones of better quality, this amount of time will be prolonged and so will the bag's advertising value."

Bags aren't the only type of branded packaging given out to customers at stores. Boxes, tissue paper, and other such materials are also commonly used. "We offer a full variety of store packaging," Watson said. "We also offer a free custom packaging sample kit and catalog so that store owners and managers can easily choose the best ones for their establishment."

In many cases, stores will want a variety of bag sizes so that they can quickly and easily pack up whatever people purchase. Boxes are more common with upscale establishments, but they are also used by bakeries and other sellers of fragile items. When boxes are used, tissue paper is often included to add some pizazz to the unboxing experience as well as to cushion the products inside. Therefore, many stores require all three items, and customizing everything allows the retailers to present a unified brand.

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Howard Packaging is a producer of customized recycled packaging products for retail stores, bakeries, and similar establishments. Their recycled plastic and paper bags are durable, good looking, and better for the environment than alternatives.