Joe Bragg Explains the Intricacies of Bartending Training


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Many people are interested in becoming a bartender. Bartenders can work in restaurants, clubs, and bars in exotic locales all over the world while earning decent wages and tips. But before doing any of those things, prospective bartenders first need to choose a bartending training program.

One website wants to make it easy for prospective bartenders to find the perfect training program. At, visitors will find a number of tips for choosing any type of bartending school. The website features information about online bartending schools, offline training programs, and all of the certifications involved with becoming a bartender.

As a spokesperson for How to Become a Bartender HQ explains, few people realize how much work goes into becoming a bartender:

“Most people can pour simple cocktails. But in order to become a bartender, many employers require workers to attend vocational school, earn a bartending certificate, or have significant experience in the field. Training courses typically last between 2 to 4 weeks, during which time the student learns how to mix and memorize a wide variety of drinks along with serving those drinks with flair.”

At, visitors can learn approximately how much bartending school can cost. Specifically, bartending school costs between $200 to $800, although prospective bartenders can save a significant amount of money by taking online bartending school courses, which only cost a fraction of that amount:

“Online bartending school is a great way to save money. Courses typically last between 2 to 4 weeks and cost approximately $80 to $150. When compared with the price of traditional bartending school, it’s easy to see why online bartending schools are becoming more and more popular every year.”

The website also explains that some states require a bartending license while other states do not. The website recommends that prospective bartenders who live in states without certification requirements should buy a drink mixing book and learn how to make drinks at home. Meanwhile, those who live in states with bartending certification requirements can learn how to choose the best training programs in their area.

Along with listing bartender training requirements, explains the other aspects of becoming a bartender, including the approximate salary bartenders can expect to earn as well as the difference between good bartenders and bad ones. The website also features a free bartender sample resume.

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