Joe Bragg Publishes the Education Requirements of a Certified Nursing Assistant


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Health care is one of the most recession-proof and future-proof industries in the world. People are always going to need health care. For that reason, doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants are consistently among the most sought-after professions in the world.

Those interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can visit for more information. The website aims to be the number one online resource people turn to when seeking to become a CNA in the United States.

Included on the site is information about CNA salaries, training, and educational requirements. Specifically, those interested in becoming a CNA typically need to have a high school diploma as well as a certificate from a valid training program. The specific requirements vary from state-to-state, although most CNA training programs are similar.

A spokesperson for How to Become a CNA Guide explained where someone can obtain CNA training:

“As our website explains, anyone can complete CNA training at a community college, technical school, or vocational school. In some cases, hospitals, nursing homes, and even the Red Cross may also offer a Certified Nursing Assistant course, as will high schools. But instead of just picking the first course they see, we urge website visitors to only choose courses that meet a set of qualifications.”

The first and most important among those qualifications is the CNA certification. Specifically, prospective CNAs need to ensure the school meets their state’s certification standards before enrolling. They should also check the price of the course: in general, CNA courses cost between $400 to $1000, although it is possible to sometimes find free CNA training courses.

As the explains, there are also two components of any CNA course – the first part of the program teaches the theory of nurse assisting along with the anatomical and physiological knowledge. The second part involves an in-person practical session where students apply their nursing skills in a supervised setting.

The spokesperson explains that certified nursing assistant training typically takes between two to five weeks to complete:

“Those interested in becoming a CNA will be pleased to note that job training generally doesn’t last more than five weeks. Obviously, that’s significantly less than a full nursing degree. Furthermore, many CNA training programs can be completed online, giving students the ultimate level of flexibility and control over the pace of their studies.”

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the expected growth for nursing assistants for 2010 to 2020 could be “above average.” Specifically, the sector is expected to grow by 20% to 28% over the next decade, opening up a total of 496,100 jobs. Growth in the sector is high because the number of older Americans is expected to grow over this time period.

About explains the specific training and educational requirements needed to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA training courses can be completed online and demand in the sector is expected to grow steadily over the coming decade. For more information, please visit: