Joe Bragg Launches to Offer Education and Training Required to Become an EMT


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- Emergency Medical Technicians play a key role in the medical system of any city. As the first responders to medical emergencies, EMTs consider saving lives to be a part of their daily routine. But in order to become an EMT, one must go through rigorous training. has launched to help people understand the requirements needed to become an EMT. The website explains the education and training requirements for EMTs across the country.

Since many states have unique EMT requirements, lists the specific requirements needed for each state. There is also a difference between basic, intermediate, and paramedic EMT requirements, all of which is patiently explained on the website.

A spokesperson for explained how the site seeks to help visitors with more than just EMT training requirements:

“Our website is designed to be a one-stop resource for all prospective EMTs and paramedics. Along with job training, we feature salary stats, physical fitness testing information, and possible workplace hazards. We want to prepare prospective EMTs as best as possible for their upcoming career, and we do that by providing them with all the information they need to be successful.”

Another important point that discusses is that EMTs are currently in-demand. The How to Become an EMT website cites the Bureau of Labor Statistics which states that EMT positions are expected to grow by 33% over the next ten years.

Meanwhile, those who are interested in making the most money possible as an EMT will be interested to learn which states pay the highest average EMT wages – Alaska and Hawaii. The average wage is $14.60 per hour for a starting EMT, although wages rise significantly with each additional level of education and training.

Whether interested in learning how much a paramedic makes or simply wanting to figure out how to transition from a paramedic to an RN, the website is filled with information that EMTs and prospective EMTs will find relevant.

From EMT training requirements to learning how to become an EMT or paramedic, is aimimg be a one-stop site for prospective emergency medical technicians.

About explains the training and educational requirements for EMTs, paramedics, and other medical professionals across the United States. The website also includes the type of salary a beginner EMT can expect and other relevant information for prospective EMTs. For more information, please visit: